Kimberly Y. Erwin

Author/Entrepreneur/Intercultural Communicator

SIT on back...A Children's Book: ENDING RACISM...


“[The host is] a natural with a great handle on everything [and] what an amazing take and in-depth discussion with great connectivity, transparency and positivity [between her and her] wonderful guests!”

Garrett Roche, Host of The Roche Solid Truth podcast
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RACE TALKS® with Kimberly Y. Erwin on WGXC-90.7 FM

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Program Manager, Data & Impact for the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC), with experience and a deep commitment to gender equity and entrepreneurship.


DR. KAT (Kimberly Adams Tufts)

Career Strategist and author dedicated to empowering women, female scholars, in particularly and providing outreach for their growth professionally and in all of their life's endeavors.



In NOVEMBER, our TALK is about the culture of women at work, but we also dish on just how one may utilize good skills to communicate difficult cultural differences and nuances, nationally as well as between men and women (like pay equity, and entrepreneurship funding, from Dr. KAT and Emily, respectively).

Join us for a very special RACE TALKS® radio show is Pastor Kim Singletary of OVERCOMERS MINISTRIES. She is the producer and host of “There’s A Bright Side Somewhere” (airing first and third Wednesday’s, 11 a.m. - noon) and a co-producer and co-host of “The Afternoon Show” (airing first and third Tuesday’s, 4 – 6 p.m.) online at WGXC.ORG via live stream or archive. On our show, she will share her opinion on Jewish people as an ethnicity and a religious followers, as well as note why she is being recognized in her community for the role she plays in interfaith congregations, youth leadership and political and DEI advocacy.

We're excited to have you tune in on Tuesday, November 21st at 7:00pm on WGXC-90.7FM.

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DEIB EVENTS I Kimberly Y. Erwin


Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, & Belonging

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The Robinson Family Reunion!

In Virgina and D.C.

Top: KYE with family (Cousins Monique and daughters and Dee and Allen at Hotel ballroom in VA, Bottom: African American Museum in D.C.


1st Annual Hudson Family Reunion

(Saturday, May 6th)

Reunion attendees stopped to share their thoughts for this first-ever occasion. Many also gave SHOUT OUTS on WGXC-90.7 FM (Community Radio) in remembrance of family and friends unable to visit AND who were no longer with us...RIP. Buster & Helen Erwin, Patrica A., Peter & Moses (Marin) Erwin

(Hudson, NY): Hudson Waterfront Park


Hudson Children's Book Festival (Saturday, May 6th)

Thanks for stopping by!

Learn How 2: Speak to you child about their ETHNICITY...and keep it REAL & Light.

(Hudson, NY):

Hudson Junior High School space!

February 2023

Leah Penniman's, Black Earth Wisdom: Soulful Conversations with Black Environmentalists Book Signing (and dancing) Event

Over 150 participants joined Leah and family and friends in a festive and informative start of her book tour. Dancing, great music, and enlivened talks --fun for all ages and people of all cultures made for SRO space!

January 2023 [archived]

1/16/23 at the Hudson Area Library (11:30a), in Hudson, NY.

Reverend Kim Singletary asked me to join her as she engages in a conversation with the Youth of Hudson in what it means to be African American in these days--over 50 years after the start of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. We will listen and impart the knowledge we have obtained directly from our lives - growing up in the 70s and breaking barriers to allow for a less color-discriminating (not color-blind) society.Both Kimberly and Rev. Kim Singletary are part of the Founder's Circle for Africa's Daughters of the Diaspora (ADD).

In November 2022 (Activities)

11/8-11/9, USAWEC offered an all-expense paid trip to me, owner of 1UNIM to its 2022 Assembly in New York City.

CGE (The Center for Global Enterprise) chose Kimberly Erwin as one of 150 (out of 400) applicants to take part in an online cooperative for women entrepreneurs. Kimberly successfully completed all portions of the program and will meet other participants at this culminating event.

October 2022 [archived]

Skidmore College invites Kimberly Y. Erwin, DEI author and Omari Edwards, Associate Executive Director of Programs at the Albany Damien Center for a panel on racial discrimination in the workplace.

A review of the event: [10/27/2022]

"My students were very engaged...[no one] put their heads down or used their phones. We welcome you back next year." (paraphrased)

~ Prof. Jina Mao, Associate Chair, Management and Business Department, Skidmore College (to the panelists after the event)

"Hey, Kimberly..."

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